Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Epigenetics, and Destiny

I stumbled across this great article on the emerging field of Epigenetics, and thought it made a great follow up to yesterday's ramblings on destiny. This takes a close look into how environmental factors can directly affect our DNA, both during our lifetime and before conception... a microscopic look at evolution occuring right before our eyes!

Goodbye, Genetic Blueprint

Thanks to Slate for this wonderfully insightful piece!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Go Your Own Way

Destiny. What is it?

Do we create our own path in life? Or has it already been created for us?

It is a question humans have grappled with since the moment our primate brains evolved into powerful machines of higher learning. The most minute decisions in life can change the course of our own personal history. From the restaurant we choose to dine in, to misplacing our car keys while we're trying to rush to work, to the exact moment that fly buzzes in your ear and you turn to see the face of a person who may change your life forever.

Are these seemingly random events in life the result of chaos and our own free will? Or are they events that have been encoded into our internal compass, meant to guide us on a path in life that will take us to our ultimate destination. I believe it's both. Those surprising moments of de ja vu we all have serve as a personal reminder of a point we are meant to meet; of an goal accomplished or the beginning of an intense journey. All roads lead to Rome.

Destiny and Destination. It's no coincidence these two words share the same root.

Our lives may feel boring, mundane, repetitive... but what so many of us fail to see that in the monotony of our day-to-day is that a story is unfolding. And every turn, every glance, every failure and every success is part of our story, unravelling.... rolling out like a red carpet before our feet and carving a path, ultimately turning us into the person we are meant to be and uniting with the people who will inspire us.

In order to reach our full humanly potential however, we must become attuned to recognizing when these moments occur, seizing the right opportunities and rejecting those that lead us astray. It's a simple principle in life, but one that we are terrible at practicing. Fear rules our decisions. Whether it be fear of deviating from our routine, therefore keeping us in a place where we feel "comfortable"... or fear of a missed opportunity, making us grab for every straw hoping that it will be the right one that leads us to that place we so crave, yet cannot identify. All we know is that it exists, and we will know when we feel it.

But... do we really know? Will we ever know?

All we can do is play it out, one remarkable moment at a time.