Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Edge of Glory

What is it that holds us back from accomplishing our dreams? 

I've only recently begun to discover what my personal road blocks are. While some are out of my control, most have been created entirely by me and they can be undone by my own actions as well. So why is it that myself and so many of us have such a "fear" of success?

I'm only touching the tip of the iceberg that is my own psyche, but in recent introspective moments I've realized that I'm afraid of 

1) failure (duh!)
2) attention (surprisingly enough)
3) the repercussions and possible notoriety as a result of said failure because everyone is paying attention

So why is this entry titled "My Edge of Glory"?

Because that's where I am. I am at the edge of my own glory, as Mama Monster @ladygaga so wisely puts it. Many of us are, only a few actually take that leap off the edge to reach our full monsterly potential. Gaga did, and that is why she's the Mama :).

1 comment:

  1. Such introspective insight and growing self-awareness for such a young (and flexible) feline.